Downsizing Makes Your Life More Fulfilling 

Do you find yourself wondering what is missing in your life? Have you tried, and failed, to make yourself content by accumulating more and more things? I’m Rita Wilkins, “The Downsizing Designer.” I’m here to propose that perhaps the solution you’ve been looking for isn’t in having more things, but in having fewer things. Perhaps it is time to downsize and start over. 

Give Yourself A Fresh Start By Downsizing 

I used to live in a large designed home filled with many beautiful items. However, I didn’t find happiness living this way. I only found the happiness and contentment I sought after downsizing my life. Now, I live happily with 95% less of what I once owned. 

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What Downsizing Your Life Can Teach You 

You may be surprised by how much your life improves by simple downsizing. You can really start fresh and start over. Here’s what downsizing can teach you: 

  • More isn’t better.
  • You don’t need expensive things to fill a void. 
  • You can enjoy life more by freeing up your time and money. 

You Can Start Over Any Time By Downsizing 

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to start over. There are many reasons people might want to start over, including but not limited to: 

  • Moving to a new home. 
  • Reaching retirement age. 
  • Having an “empty nest.” 

Regardless of your reason, if you’re interested in downsizing your life to upgrade your lifestyle, you’ll find the advice and guidance you need in my Amazon best-seller book, Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your LifestyleGet your copy today and find the tools you need to downsize and start over. 

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