I’m going to talk about a subject very few people will classify as fun.

It’s how you can make decluttering easy, effective, AND FUN!

Probably several of you are rolling your eyes right now saying “No way!” and yet, maybe a few of you are wanting desperately to know how.

But first, let’s talk about clutter and the impact it’s having on the quality of your life.


#1 What is clutter?

  • Clutter is simply a series of postponed decisions. For example:
    • you can choose to put your clothes away or lay them on your chair.
    • you can choose to deal with your mail right away or you can let it keep piling up.
  • Clutter is lacking clarity about what’s important and what’s not.
  • Clutter is not making a decision in that moment, it’s deferring one decision and then another and another until you have piles of postponed decisions.


#2 Think about what clutter is costing you

  • When there is underlying anxiety about having too much stuff it can cause stress, guilt, frustrations, and arguments.
  • Not knowing where to find things wastes time, energy, money and impacts productivity.
  • When you are overwhelmed by too much stuff/clutter in your life and when you aren’t able to clearly focus and be productive, clutter can impact your health, wealth, and relationships.


#3 How decluttering can help you make room for what matters most to you

“Why do you want to declutter?”

It is important to first know why you want to declutter. The why is actually more important than how.

  • For your mental health and well being

When you are overwhelmed with too much stuff it takes an extraordinary amount of and energy causing overwhelm and upset.

  • For your financial wealth and well being

When you continue buying more you continue to contribute to not only the clutter but also to the stress and overwhelm.

  • For your relationships

Clutter frequently causes arguments that can be avoided. By agreeing to declutter, live with less, and appreciate what you have more, you can make more time for each other.

  • For better use of your time and increase your productivity

Having a home for everything can save you time and energy, allowing you to focus and make better use of your time.


Three simple steps to get started

1. Take one step at a time.

 One drawer, one closet, one shelf at a time. The clutter did not happen overnight allow yourself time to declutter.

2. Focus on your own stuff first.

Reduce arguments by getting your own stuff in order. If your spouse is a hoarder or if your kids move back home, clutter creep and clutter chaos are inevitable. Start with your own stuff, be the role model they might follow your lead.

3.  Holding on may actually be harder than letting go.

Think of the time, money, and energy you will save when you don’t own so much stuff.

When you begin to understand what clutter is costing you and when you know why you want to declutter, this will help you stay in the game on your downsizing journey.


# 4 How you can actually have fun decluttering

You’ve heard of extreme sports, extreme makeovers, and extreme food shows, but have you heard of extreme decluttering parties?

I created this concept several years ago when I downsized from my 5000 square foot home to my 867 square feet apartment. I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to begin. I thought I could do it myself but was reduced to tears every single day for 30 days. Then I got smart! I called one of my sisters and ask her if she would help. The following weekend, my sister came from Rhode Island to Pennsylvania to help me and brought 2 other team members… my other sister and sister in law.

I suddenly had a team! I was not alone! I was committed to not only getting a lot done but also committed to having a lot of fun! That’s when I created the extreme decluttering party.


#5 How my high impact method of decluttering works

  1. Know your why.

My why was to have a simpler less cluttered life with less so I could have more time, money, and freedom to pursue what mattered most to me.

My why was also to have less stress and anxiety over maintaining a large property alone. I wanted a higher quality of life with more time, money, and freedom so I can make room for what mattered most.

Ask yourself what is your “why”. Why you want to declutter?

  1. Make a written plan, set goals, and timelines.
  2. Pick a date or several dates. Put them on the calendar so that this will actually happen and not be differed to someday.
  3. Invite team members to participate in your downsizing party. Three to four members are ideal so that it is more manageable.
  4. Have your team members each commit to a day and time.
  5. Pick a specific area of your home you want to work on one that is manageable to complete within three to four hours. For example, a corner of your garage, basement, or attic.
  6. Review all items in that area, mark those that you are keeping, and put them aside.
  7. Share your strategy with your team members and assign specific tasks.
      • Sorter: Sort into piles of donate, sell, consign, or trash
      • Packer: Pack items into boxes or bags
      • Stager: Stage supplies (i.e. boxes, scissors, knives, tape, trash bags)
      • Deliverer: Delivers to the designated destination

NOTE: Make sure to take before, during, and after pictures throughout your extreme decluttering party.

  1. Post a timeline (i.e. three to four hours in 50 minutes increments with 10-minute breaks.)
  2. Set a timer!
  3. Have fun! Make memories and make sure to share your before, during, and after photos with family and friends to inspire them to have their own extreme decluttering party.
  4. When the time is up you are done for the day. Stop! It’s now time for the party with food, wine, stories, and laughter.


If you want help planning your own extreme decluttering party,

call me for a 30-minute consult and I can show you how https://calendly.com/rwilkins/coaching-call-with-rita?month=2020-11


A few last thoughts to prepare you for success with my quick, high-impact decluttering method.

  • Be prepared to make quick, firm, and ruthless decisions.
  • Be ready to let go of your stuff because there will be no time to second guess yourself.
  • Commit to making this happen.
  • Repeat the process week after week. You will begin to see tremendous progress over time while at the same time creating very special memories.
  • Remember this can be overwhelming. Keep your why in mind throughout the process. It will keep you going even when you want to give up.




Are you ready to take your downsizing journey seriously?

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