How Can To Refresh Your Home Without Spending A Dime

I’m Rita Wilkins – also known as the “downsizing designer.” As some of you already know, I am living with 95% less than what I used to own and I have never been happier. As the downsizing designer, I help others learn how to start decluttering or downsizing so that they, too, can live a happier, less cluttered life.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a few tricks of the design trade for refreshing your home without spending even one dime. These are just a few of my personal bag of design tricks that I’ve developed over many years. When I was growing up, my mom would call it “making do.” It’s one of those good old-fashioned words that means re-purposing, re-using, recycling. Whatever you want to call it, it’s using what you already have, so you can stay within a budget and still make things new and fresh all over again.

After a long year during which we’ve all been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic. After sheltering in place for so long you probably find yourself needing, now more than ever, to refresh your home. It will not only improve your psyche, it will also impact your energy levels and overall happiness.

My 5 Favorite Tricks To Make Your Home Beautiful Without Spending A Dime

1. Move Your Existing Furniture Around

Take the furniture you already have and create a new furniture floorplan. For example, floating or angling a sofa will make the room feel so different. It is absolutely one of my personal favorites because it costs nothing other than a little elbow grease. I recommend doing this seasonally. During winter and fall, it feels cozier to orient your furniture closer to your fireplace, while in spring and summer you may want to move the furniture back to create a more open feeling.

2. Re-Purpose Furniture From Another Room

This is like going on a scavenger hunt around your own home. Look around your house for “found” furniture. You may find furniture that you’ve forgotten about simply because it’s been in the same place for years and has gone unnoticed. Walk through your home with a new set of eyes and it’ll be as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

3. Re-Purpose Accessories and Accent Pieces

Go on another scavenger hunt, look for accessories that you may have forgotten you even had and you don’t even see anymore. You will start to notice things that have been sitting in guest rooms, on bookcases, and in libraries. Look for mirrors, lamps, vases, throws, artwork, etc. You’ll be amazed how different the room feels once you take an accessory out of one room and move it to another. Give them a new home and your home will look and feel like new.

4. Start With A Clean Slate

Empty everything from a bookcase. Commit to not putting it back in the same place and using “new” repurposed accessories/photos/books. Redecorate your shelves.

5. Repurpose The Rooms Themselves

Look at each room and ask yourself these 2 questions:

1. Why does this room (I.e. dining room) only have to be a dining room?

2. How else can it be used/repurposed to better utilize the space or maximize its usage? I.e. Could the dining room also be a library, reading room, music room, etc.

Be creative, be resourceful!

“Make do” and make your home new again.

To learn more about my favorite tips and tricks for refreshing your home, watch my video – “How to refresh your home without spending a dime.”

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