Do You Want to Fall in Love All Over Again?

By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

It might surprise you, but according to a survey by “Bathroom Habits,” the average American spends:

  • 3o minutes each day in the bathroom.
  • 182 hours each year.

And, that’s just the average! And, that’s a whole lot of time if you don’t love your bathroom!

Like it or not, the bathroom is an essential part of our daily lives and not loving it impacts how you feel at the beginning and at the end of each day.

These are just a few of the funny and not-so-funny “complaints” I have heard from my clients over the years when they are wanting to remodel their bathroom:

  • Having to “get wet” just to turn on the shower.
  • Having lights that makes them look old, gaunt, or even ghastly.
  • Having to “skinny” past their partner to get to the toilet.
  • Not having enough counter space for one or two people at the same time.
  • Not having enough storage space or the right kind of storage.
  • Not having the right amount or the right kind of lighting.

All of these are real concerns or issues that people put up with each day in their own homes, and yet, when they go to “renovate” their bathroom, they often just change out fixtures, cabinets, lighting, and paint without thoroughly considering alternate space plans that will not only make their bath look better, but actually will make it function a lot better.

Renovation is not just about making it look pretty. It’s about rethinking the way you would like to use the space so that the new design “works” for your wants, needs, and wish list. Yes, you can certainly just “dress up your existing footprint” if that’s all you want or need, but if you “want and need more” from your space, why not do the work upfront to see if there are better options?

If you complain about…

#1 Not having enough counter space…

Think about how you can capture more space from adjoining areas/rooms that could be incorporated into the new bath footprint.

  • I always look for outdated, deep linen closets, dressing areas that might never be used, or closets that back up to the bathroom.
  • I also look for those “found” spaces that are not being used well, then, in the design plans, consider encroaching on that space to increase the size of your bath footprint.


#2 Not having enough storage space… or the right kind of storage…

  • Do a thorough inventory by listing every single thing you store in your bathroom, (i.e. items inside cabinets, on the countertop, inside medicine cabinets, and inside linen closets).
  • Analyze what you really want, need, and will actually use. Likely, you will discover things you never use, rarely use, or are outdated. This is a perfect time to start decluttering and editing prior to the start of the design process.
  • Don’t forget to do inventory on items you currently keep outside your bathroom that you wish you could store inside the bathroom (ie. lingerie or underwear).
  • Next, calculate actual storage needs so that when you design, you will know how much you need, avoiding the guessing game and possible miscalculations.


#3 If you complain about poor lighting….

Once you have your final floor plan, layout a lighting plan that provides each of the following:

  • Overall ambient lighting.
  • Task lights (i.e. vanity lights, sconces, shower light/vent).
  • Decorative lighting and accent lighting (i.e. pendants, spots).

It’s important to have a combination of each of these different types of lights, and it is equally important to actually test the color of the light in your space (warm or cool). It will make the difference between you looking and feeling great…or not.

If you are considering a bathroom renovation…

If you want to fall in love all over again (with your bathroom)…

If you need help with designing a bathroom that not only functions well for your specific needs, but also looks amazing, and makes you look and feel great each time you use it, just reach out.

I’d love to help!

Why not enjoy the journey to falling in love back with your bathroom?

It is possible to create your dream bathroom…one that you’ll love and can retreat to every day!

What do you love or hate about your bathroom? Please share your comments about your bathroom below.

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