Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins, also known as the downsizing designer. Today I’m out here, right near boathouse row in Philadelphia. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there but it’s such a gorgeous day to be right here near the water. And I wanted to shoot a quick video about something that might be helpful to you if you’re considering a kitchen renovation.

Now many of us have spent a lot of time at home cooking and maybe through that process, you’ve realized that the kitchen that you have currently is not working for you or you wish there was an upgrade or update or something. So, what I’ve created is a “22 Step Downsize Your Stress, Upgrade Your Kitchen Design Success.” For over 35 years I’ve done kitchens all over the country. I love designing kitchens because it is the heart of the home and when you have a great kitchen, you know there’s nothing better than that.Cooking in it, entertaining in it, it has all the things that you need and want.

So the reason I created this 22 step process is because so many people say, “I really have never done this before or I’m afraid it’s expensive.” So what this does is it helps you better understand the entire design and construction process before you even begin the renovation. So many have never undertaken this kind of project before and yes it is expensive when you don’t know how, or have a lack of knowledge – it’s intimidating. So it’s like having a map or a GPS system guide to help you get successfully to your destination. It also helps you know what you need to do up front to get apples and apples bidding.

You know, so many people complain because they don’t understand the bidding process, and you know, people underbid intentionally and then they upcharge later on, that’s not necessary. If you have everything that you need up front, which is a full set of drawings, floor plans, all the elevations, the lighting plans, the electrical, plumbing, cabinet elevations, tile layouts, and all of your spec. sheets, then there should be no issue with you getting a good solid apples and apples bid.

It also then helps you avoid costly mistakes. When you’re spending this kind of money you want to make sure that you’re getting the best price and of course, the best work. So, if you don’t understand the process, about what’s next, it really does cause undue stress. It can cause project delays when you don’t have all the materials ready for the contractor when they’re ready for them.  That adds up in time and also money. So having all of that available to you or to the contractor at that time would be something that you would need to know. Through this process you would then understand I need to have those things then.

And one of the things I hear that just breaks my heart is after a project just done when I hear clients say I wish I had known upfront about this entire design process because I could have avoided the “wish.”  I wish I had… (i.e. I wish I had more outlets, I wish I had better lighting, I wish I had planned for more natural light.)  These are all things that we can help you prevent in the design process upfront because we help you see through those walls helped me you know, provide drawings and so forth.

But this if you’re trying to do this renovation on your own, this 22 step process will certainly help you. So in the 22 step, downsize your stress, upgrade your kitchen success, you get a complete overview of the process beginning to end so you can feel more confident about the investment that you’re making, so that you can achieve the results that you really want. And you’ll know what you have to do to get those solid bids that are based on your drawings and your selections. And you’ll also have that step by step process is the roadmap that will have you know what to expect and allow you to actually enjoy the experience of designing the kitchen of your dreams. So if this interests you go to my website, www.DesignServicesLtd.com and grab the the 22 step process. Also, you’re welcome to call me 302-354-0972

Enjoy this gorgeous day!