Recently a friend told me, “I’m kind of losing touch with my grandson. He’s 16. He’s going to school and working, and we just don’t have the conversations that we used to. I think I’m going to start texting him.”

She’s a cool grandma. She knows that this is one very convenient way to get in touch with other people. What’s so great about texting?

  • It’s not as demanding or disruptive as a phone call, which means ANSWER ME NOW!
  • It’s a little more disruptive than an email, which can wait until you’re ready to read it.
  • You can quickly add a photo or video to express your thoughts visually.

Texting can be minimally disruptive but can be used when a message is urgent:

  • Emergency with Dad – call me! You didn’t answer my call.
  • Do you have a few minutes to talk? (This message suggests: I respect that you are very busy, and… I need to discuss something with you while I have a few minutes, or I want/need to hear your voice.)
  • I can’t find the restaurant, or I’m running 5 minutes late – get a table. (I respect your time, and I am responsible to let you know what’s happening, so you don’t get worried or impatient.)

What if it’s not urgent?

  • Thinking of you today and wishing you well with… (test, trip, health)
  • So thankful to have you in my life!
  • Can you believe I just saw this gorgeous sunset? (attach the photo)
  • Can you still meet tomorrow at 10 AM at the library? Please confirm.
  • Sorry, I can’t make it for 10. Is 10:30 okay? See you near main door.

Any message like these can initiate an exchange of texts or a phone conversation, where you can express yourselves more fully.

When my friend’s grandson gets a “thinking of you” message from his grandma, I would bet that he’s going to think, “She really loves me. That makes me happy.”

That’s what we want to do: Share our love with people we love. Whether it’s a personal or a business relationship, clear and open communication makes the relationship richer.

Now who can you think of who needs your message today?

“Just thinking about you, Jeff. We haven’t talked in a while.” (And use the person’s name.)

Or “It’s been a long time since we talked. I don’t know what I might have done that hurt your feelings, but I’m sorry. Can we please talk?”

Who needs your message today?



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