As a specialist in downsizing, along with years of remodeling for clients, I have come across many unique small homes that do a wonderful job of maximizing available space. The trick be minimal in your approach: remove clutter and focus on features that elicit feelings of openness: light, simplicity and air.
But we need our homes to be functional too! The following eight hacks are great for glamming up your small space while still making it work for you.

Open Shelving Between Studs

If you live in a small space, you must get creative with all areas of the home – even those that you cannot see! The space between two studs can be an excellent way to gain a little bit of extra storage space. This blog, How to Make Your Own Built In Shelves from The Family Handyman goes into more detail. This can be a DIY project if you are handy, or done with fairly little fuss by a contractor.
Open shelving lets you store more in small spaces

Pegboard for Vertical Storage Use

Pegboards are a wonderful way to add some fun and whimsy to a small space while keeping it functional. You can paint them any color and hang just about anything from them! Mixing art and household items like utensils is a really fun way to display items on the pegboard. Check out Julia Child’s famous kitchen, where she used pegboard to hang all of her kitchen utensils.
Pegboard for small spaces

Use a Round Table in a Small Kitchen

If you are living in a small space, keep in mind that round tables are much easier to navigate around than square or rectangular ones. Many round tables also expand with extra leaves to accommodate a larger group, and your space will feel more spacious without the boxy corners of a square table. This one looks great in a small kitchen nook as a breakfast table.
Round table is better in a small space

Corral Tech Items

Living minimally in a small space requires a certain organization when it comes to technology items. Pare down and organize your cords and cables, and keep only what you use. Consider where you use each item, and then create a hub where it will belong in that space. A phone and tablet doc in the kitchen is a great idea to keep those items together and safe from spills, yet available to use for recipe ideas. I like this one from Bavier.
Keep gadgets together and displayed nicely

Use Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors are a great way to make a small space seem larger and lighter. Place them strategically near windows, doorways and in smaller areas like hallways to give the feeling of more space. The use of a round mirror is especially useful, as it furthers the illusion with soft edges and a more feminine feel.
Mirrors make small spaces look larger

Bathroom Hooks for Maximum Hanging Space

Using hooks rather than a rod in a bathroom is a great way to keep towels off the floor, since it is easier to hang anything on a hook than a rod. It also gives a little bit of extra storage in a small space. I love the use of the shelf for a small plant and decorative items (or more towels) above.
Bathroom hooks for a small space

Make Windows Your Focal Point (Rather Than the TV!)

There is a tendency in American households to focus our attention around a TV set by facing chairs and couches towards the TV. While there is nothing wrong with this notion, it can pull our focus away from the more attractive features of the home. Placing chairs and couches to face a window draws the eye to the light and brings attention back to your space, and away from the TV. For some great ideas for hiding your TV, check out this article, 10 Clever Ways to Make Your TV Less Hideous. I love the pull down map idea!
Focus point on a window

Personalize with an Art Wall

Decorating a small space can sometimes pose the problem of insufficient space for personalized items and memorabilia like family photos and framed art. As is the case with many decor challenges pertaining to small space living, going vertical is the answer! Framed photos placed on top of surfaces become dusty quickly, and take up space. Instead, choose a large gallery wall and place your personalized art all together in one place. It gives character to your space, and always provides lots of great conversation for visitors! Change them out easily and enjoy the versatility that this kind of space provides.
Downsize my space
We love reading about new tips and tricks of how to maximize space in tiny homes! These ideas are great. What are some ways that you have created unique storage in your small spaces? We would love to hear from you or get you started on personalizing your small home to fit your needs!
Thanks Downsize My Space for these great ideas! Check them out here for more design tips!