In our article Top Travel Trends of 2017 we highlight how Baby Boomers are going to be travelling – a lot.

So here are some Baby Boomer travel trends that we haven’t already mentioned that your tour or activity business should know about.


Baby Boomers wouldn’t mind getting a great deal on their next trip, but it’s not a deal breaker.

How this affects your business: You don’t want to emphasize finances for Baby Boomers – Sell them the experience instead and focus on providing value rather than the lowest price.  Although Baby Boomers are looking for a good deal, they are more interested in making sure the experience is the best value for themselves and their families.

2. Bucket List Trips

Baby Boomers don’t have children at home, they have money to spend, and they want to do things for themselves.

This means finally checking off some of their bucket list items.

How does this affect your business: Your boomer clients are going to be wanting to do some pretty specific activities – And you may have to make this happen for them.

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