You might expect that when you become a minimalist, you’ll have less stuff and more space, but there are a few surprising things you can look forward to as well.

Just the most obvious benefits like more space, time, and freedom are reason enough to pare down and live simply, but these surprising benefits offer even more incentive to give minimalism a try.

11 surprising things about becoming a minimalist

1. You will be friendlier.
When you reduce stress and free up time and space, you can naturally give more thought to how you treat people and how you react in different situations. You can take the time to give more compliments, listen carefully, and smile more.

2. Silence is more appealing.
In a high pressure lifestyle, you may think you thrive on stress and speed, but once you pull back, you will come to appreciate silence and solitude. You’ll lose the guilt about sitting still and discover that it is possible and rewarding to do less and be more.

3. You’ll make better decisions.
When you eliminate the smorgasbord of endless choices, and set limits, you can save your decision-making skills for the choices that matter. You’ll be more confident in making decisions and happier with what you choose.

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