I don’t think it’s news to anyone that I’m a huge fan of minimalism. Minimalism has enhanced my life so much that I want to share it with anyone who will listen. It has helped me find the answers to some of life’s more important questions like: Will my life be complete without this bundt pan? and How long will it take me to actually use up 82 hair ties?

All kidding aside, there are so many wonderful ways minimalism can enhance your life. Although it is often associated with decluttering, once you do embrace the lifestyle, its message of simplicity starts to permeate so many different aspects of your life. Here are five reasons to become a minimalist.

Become a Minimalist To Save Money


I’ve written at length before about how minimalism and frugality go hand in hand, and that’s because both lifestyles help you save money. With minimalism, paring down actually helps you save money today as well as in the future because you reduce your future need for things.

Along with reducing maintenance and storage costs by getting rid of things that no longer give you value, after you’ve pared down and feel the benefits of owning less, it encourages you to think harder the next time you’re tempted to buy something.

Do I really need this new widget? Will it add any value to my life? Will I be decluttering this, a year from now? Will it cost me money to store or maintain it?

It will help you think constructively and question yourself anytime you want to spend money on future purchases.

To Clean Less


I really hate cleaning. Dusting, mopping, washing dishes, scrubbing sinks and toilets– I could do without it all. Fortunately, owning less stuff means doing less cleaning, and that is a big motivator for me in my path to minimalism.

Getting rid of pieces of furniture that you no longer use and things sitting on the floor means less to maneuver around when you’re cleaning the floors. Keeping your surfaces clear of tchotchkes means less to dust, and clean kitchen counter-tops encourage you to cook at home (and save money in the process.)


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