I have been on a complete purging rampage in our house lately.

Considering I’ve been in the process of hardcore decluttering our possessions for about a year now, I have been completely shocked by how much stuff still left that we never use.

It all just keeps getting shoved into closets or my office (doesn’t everyone have a signature room where they hide crap when guests come over?).

And I am sick of it.

We are by no means hoarders, but I feel like going through this process of simplifying our possessions, our home, and our lives in general this past year has been really eye-opening to me. I now want to simplify even more than we already have.

While I have no desire to live in a 234 square foot tiny home with kids, I’m just so tired of the excess that exists in our current home.

I feel like I’m constantly picking things up or organizing… and spending precious weekend time doing so.

And wondering why the hell my child has 1,289 stuffed animals when just a few will do.

Or  how I’ve managed to accumulate boxes upon boxes of Christmas and Halloween decor in the three short years we’ve lived in this house. Most of which I’m not even completely in love with!

I’ve been slowly but surely getting rid of the excess, and feel myself getting lighter and more free with each box that hits the donation pile. I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist, but I’m striving to live my own version of simplicity in a way that fits my family in this season of our life.

Today I wanted to share a few huge benefits I’ve discovered lately in owning less stuff. I hope this inspires you if you are seeking out some motivation to pare down your own possessions!

11 reasons to own less stuff:

1. You’ll spend less

Once you make the conscious decision to own less stuff, you automatically stop seeking out new stuff to bring into your home. It’s just a given. And by desiring to bring less stuff in, you will be spending less as well. A huge benefit!

2. You will be a great example to your children that happiness doesn’t come from consumption

I think that too many kids these days value their possessions a little bit too much. Heck, even we adults value possessions too much! While I think that consumption to a certain point is inevitable and can make for a more comfortable and fun life, I certainly don’t want my daughter to think that her happiness level is based on the amount of Barbies she owns. Probably a shallow example, but I think you get the point.

3. You can afford higher quality items

When you purchase less things, you can afford to purchase more high quality items. Things like quality clothing and bedding last much longer than their cheap counter parts and is a great way to save yourself money over the long run.

Read more reasons to own less stuff here! Thanks Embracing Simple!