Boomers are a generation that has redefined every life-stage they have entered. Just try bringing up the word “retirement” to a Boomer and you get an insulted look followed by “ME? Old enough to retire?” Boomers are too health conscious, active and vibrant to take on the traditional “rocking chair on the porch” view of retirement.

So what are Boomers doing if they aren’t retiring? For one, they’re traveling more, but for shorter, work-friendly timeframes in locations that allow them to experience new cultures while still staying active and connected.

Three travel must-haves for Boomers:

  • Adventure
  • Luxury
  • Connectivity

Breaking it down – GenStats:

  • Boomers travel more than any other generation
  • 80% of all luxury travel spending is driven by Boomers (Pew)
  • 50% of Boomer vacation dollars are spent on travel outside of the US (ICSC)
  • Tour companies have had to adjust their lengthy trips to accommodate Boomer travelers who still work, but want to see the world. Crystal Cruises added more 7-day cruises because the 21-day formerly “retirement-friendly” timeframes were becoming unpopular.
  • They expect to stay connected while still seeking adventure- remote destinations have installed internet and phone access to meet the Boomer need for connectivity and adventure.

Thanks Bridgeworks for the Boomer Travel Stats!