Moving Into a Smaller Home Doesn’t Have to Cramp Your Style

Perhaps your city or town is experiencing a surge in housing prices, or maybe your youngest has finally moved out and gotten their own place. Maybe you want to green up your lifestyle and shrink your carbon footprint. Whatever your reason for considering a smaller home, rest assured knowing that there are ways to make sure that even though you are losing some of your space, you won’t be limiting your lifestyle or comfort. Making a smaller home work for you can be as simple as following these five simple tips and tricks to downsize your belongings.

1. Make a List and Check It Twice

You won’t be looking for naughty and nice so much as you’re looking for sentiment and practicality. Making a list of all the essential things that you have in each room of your home (don’t forget the storage areas) can make it easier to say goodbye to items that didn’t make the list once the time comes.

2. Cull Early, Cull Often, Cull Responsibly

Getting rid of your rarely used or unused household goods can be difficult. Change is hard for some people, and no matter how unnecessary a piece of furniture or decorative element may be, it can carry symbolic weight that is difficult to feel until you have to part with it. For this reason, begin to cull the items that didn’t make your list well in advance of moving. Try to cull in waves, easing the psychological blow of the process, and make sure that you’re giving your goods the best new home that you can. Local charities, area shelters, and friends and family can make great placements for unwanted items that still have plenty of life left in them.

3. Get Some Help Going Through Your Things

If you have someone in your life that you can trust to be gentle with your feelings while giving you an honest appraisal of the usefulness of what you have remaining after you’ve done your first cull, bring them in. Sometimes all it takes is that one honest friend or family member to remind you of how infrequently (despite your best intentions) you use that hand loom, electric organ, or other bulky item that might be able to find a better home.

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