My in-laws are now at the age where they’re ready to sell their large family home to purchase something smaller and are considering moving into a condo or apartment.  It’s tough for sure. All their memories are contained within that house and after decades of living in the same place, they’ve collected a lot of things that they just don’t need anymore.  So, as hard and stressful as it is to move, trying to downsize and emotionally prepare for such a big change in lifestyle is even more difficult.

If you’re in this position, here are some tips to help with the transition from a house to a condo or apartment.

Focus on the freedom the new space will give you

Moving from a house into a much smaller space often feels constricting and tight causing you to wonder if you’ll ever adapt to your new home. But instead of focusing on the change in size, think about the freedom that comes with a smaller space.

  • No need to care for any large outdoor spaces:  Outdoor areas require mowing, landscaping and snow shoveling in the winter. It’s incredible how much time it takes to care for your lawn and garden. If you still enjoy a bit of gardening, then look for a new home that has a manageable outdoor space such as a large balcony or patio area where you can tend to pots or plant a small garden.
  • No more large home repairs: You also won’t be responsible for any large exterior projects such as a new roof, new paint or other outside fixtures such as lights, fences or railings. If you’re renting your new home, you also won’t be responsible for any internal repairs – your landlord will provide you will any needed fixes, updates or replacements such as replacing smoke alarms, repairing appliances or replacing broken light fixtures.

Focus on the extra amenities

Most condos or apartments also provide amenities that you wouldn’t necessarily have access to otherwise or you’d have to pay for through a local athletic club.

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