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We have many options for the type of retirement lifestyle we choose.

Do you dream of retiring overseas to start a new life?
Or perhaps you are quite content to enjoy a simple retirement spending time enjoying what you’ve already got?

Do you plan to fill the time by pursuing various retirement activities like travelling and hobbies?

Or perhaps the thought of giving up your job and not working fills you with horror and you’re just happy to keep the status quo.

Which kind of retirement lifestyle will you choose?

For many of us the type of retirement lifestyle we choose will probably depend on our financial position, but there are other factors that could have a bearing on it. Not everyone wants to give up working.

According to a recent survey carried out by Aviva a third of pensioners claim they were pushed into retiring by their employer because they had reached the retirement age for their firm.

Government plans to abolish the default retirement age in April 2012 could lead to a big increase in the number of baby boomers delaying retirement or giving up work gradually by going part-time.

If we have a life expectancy of another 20-25 years a retirement lifestyle of doing nothing in particular can seem very daunting to many of us.

According to statistics given by the Department of Work and Pensions nearly a fifth of people living in the UK today are expected to celebrate their 100th birthday. 1.3 million baby boomers between the age of 51 and 65 are included in those figures. So instead of a life expectancy of 20-25 years following retirement some of us could be facing 40 years of retirement!

We tend to think of our retirement lifestyle of one without work but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you have unlimited funds and you have plans to embark on a life of holidays then go for it.

However I have met many people who have looked forward to giving up their job and within a few months, they miss not only the salary, but the social contact and more importantly they miss having some sort of purpose to their life.

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