A few baby boomers know exactly what they want to do when they retire. These folks are lucky in many ways, because they have probably been busy planning where and when they are going to achieve all of their plans. But far more boomers probably only have a loose idea, at best, for how they are going to spend their lives, once they don’t have a regular job that gets them out of bed and to a workplace 5 days a week. In this article we will explore some of the best and more common retirement lifestyles. Of course many people never intend to retire, which includes those who continue to do their old jobs as well as many who change careers.

Possible Retirement Lifestyles
To our way of thinking just about every kind of non-working retirement fits under one or more of 4 categories:
– Volunteering
– Recreation
– Culture
– Travel

Each of these categories has a huge range of possibilities, far more than we could ever cover in one article. As you prepare for your retirement you should spend some time thinking about the type of retirement you are interested in, remembering that your preferences might change as you get older. For example, as you start retirement you might want to travel around the country with a camper as your home. When you get into your 80’s, however, that will probably not be possible. For each type of retirement lifestyle we have included links to helpful articles which discuss those different lifestyles and the best places to live them.

You can volunteer within the community you live in now, or you can move just about anywhere. You might choose to volunteer within your own family, helping adult children raise their families or taking care of one or more of your parents. A good place to start, if you don’t already have an idea of where and what you want to volunteer for is to look in the Yellow pages under “Social and Human Services Organizations”. There you will find many new and familiar organizations that could use your help. Or maybe you already plan to volunteer at your church, library, or senior center. For people looking to volunteer overseas, you can always apply to the Peace Corps. Or, if you search online for international volunteer organizations” or opportunities, you will find a wide range of possibilities (in some cases you have to pay to volunteer, so check references carefully). This article might also be helpful: “7 Life Changing Activities for Retirement

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