Summer is weeks away, which means Baby Boomers are getting ready to hit the road and chill, according to a new AARP survey.

“The most popular season for Boomers to travel domestically is the summertime,” says Stephanie Miles, vice president of Member Value Benefits, Products and Services at AARP. “Fifty eight percent of Boomers are looking for a travel experience that is laid back and relaxing, with the top three domestic destinations for boomer leisure travel being Florida, Las Vegas and California. Boomers who travel domestically choose an interesting city or a relaxing beach.”

But some Boomers have more adventurous plans for this summer.

“Summer is the second most popular season for Boomers to travel internationally,” says Miles.

According to the AARP 2016 Travel Trends Report Opens a New Window. , Boomers who travel internationally are most likely to visit the Caribbean or Europe. The top 3 international destinations are: 1) The Caribbean Islands, 2) Mexico and 3) England. According to AARP, Boomers are more likely to travel internationally to fulfill their Bucket List or to enjoy celebration vacations.

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