Baby Boomer Travel has been increasingly on the rise over the past decade.


Whether it’s empty nesters getting their first taste of post-parenting freedom, retirees finally putting their nest egg to good use, or 50- and 60-somethings enjoying the luxuries that come with success, more Boomers travel abroad than ever before. And the travel industry has taken notice, offering a diverse array of trips targeting the mature audience.


But why is Boomer Travel important– not just for the economy, but for the travelers themselves? We consulted some of the world’s leading Boomer Travel Bloggers to get their insights on the benefits they’ve seen from their adventures. Their answers covered everything from health benefits and embracing independence to meeting new people and reconnecting as a couple.
Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers- Berkeley and Beyond“Traveling can make you healthier. I walk a lot more when I’m traveling, and my blood tests are always better after a trip. I discovered this when I came back from a trip to London a few years ago. When I left, my cholesterol and triglycerides were high and I was on alert to eat right. However, I just couldn’t give up the pubs and beer. When I came back and got more blood tests, numbers had decreased. My doctor told me to keep doing whatever I’d been doing, and that was plenty of walking and reasonable amounts of beer. Unfortunately, this only seems to work for me when I’m traveling, so I always really look forward to getting out of town.”  -Carole Terwilliger Meyers of Berkeley and BeyondBaby Boomer Travel Bloggers- Contented Traveller

“Baby Boomers continue to dominate culture and economics. Travel is a big marketplace, and Baby Boomer travel is a huge market. AARP reports that 99% of Baby Boomers plan to travel in 2016. This accounts for why the travel industry is focusing on attracting our demographic. Quite simply, we are a money pit! As a fit, free, and financial generation, we also happen to be tech-savvy. The benefits of Baby Boomer travel are that we CAN have it all. We have the travel industry ardently wooing us, and we are more than capable of organizing things by ourselves.” -Paula and Gordon of Contented Traveller

“Boomer women should travel solo more often. Never use the lack of a travel partner as an excuse.  Boomers have the life experience to know exactly what they want and get the best out of traveling. Spend as long as you like gazing out over an azure sea, or marveling at a beautiful piece of art. And the best part for me? I never get lonely. I’ve talked about fertility treatments with a couple from Iowa in Paris, talked about pickpockets with a young German DJ in Lisbon, and shared a food walk with an American chef. What are you waiting for?” -Jo Karnaghan of Frugal First Class Travel 

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