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efining today’s retirement is like putting your arms around a pile of Jello. It doesn’t have a solid shape and it’s always sliding into new territory.

With that squiggly concept in mind, let’s talk about Carolina retirement and what that means to those taking the plunge.

Even though you’ve retired from the grueling 30, 40, or 50 years of work, most don’t want empty days. For some, it’s a pocketbook issue; but for others, it’s a need for stimulation to keep the mind fresh and the body working.

After all, you’re not retiring from life …  just from the enormous demands on your time and intellect that have filled your days for so many years.

Even now, the first of the boomers have begun to retire and a larger wave of shifting priorities has begun. Here’s what it may look like:

>> Some will keep working part time for their former companies, or get part-time work in a related or completely new field.

>> Others will take their wisdom and energy and volunteer for favorite charitable causes – raising money for cancer research, or fighting Alzheimer’s Disease, perhaps.

>> More than a few will devote hours to getting in shape through taking fitness classes, embracing the rewards of yoga, and learning new sports.

>> A few may become guardian angels for new businesses through joining investment clubs, volunteering for Senior Corps or SCORE, or simply taking an interest in a neighborhood venture.

For many, finally making the move to a different climate is the first step, and in the Carolinas, folks are arriving from everywhere – Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan, to name a few. It’s also no longer unusual for communities to include families from England, or Sweden.

Many bring aspects of their former working lives with them – starting new distributorships, or redefining sales strategies – and in the process, redefining what the word “retirement” even means in the 21st Century.


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