Who has ever been to a destination location and not known where to start your visit?  If only there was a list for every vacation spot to use as a guide. Here is a list to get your started when you stay in Maui!

1. Hike the Iao Valley. We love to hike through the rainforest and then swim in the river. In years past we’ve even picked ripe guava’s as we hiked. They weren’t ripe yet this year.

2. Have a cold treat at Ono Gelato on Front Street in Lahaina. I have Passion Fruit and Coconut, both were amazing.

3. Visit the Fabric Mart. It has the most amazing selection of Hawaiian prints. I bought fabric for a quilt for Olivia this time in pinks, greys and greens. I few years ago I made a quilt for myself and the last time we visited, I let the kids pick fabric for their own quilts as well.

4. Swim with Sea Turtles! We always stay on West Maui, and there’s turtles right outside our little condo everyday.

5. Rent a stand up paddle board. We rented this one for the whole week. It might be my favorite activity. It’s a great work out and once you get out of the water, it’s so peaceful.

6. Ride the Sugar Cane Train, especially if you have little ones. Olivia and I had a blast doing this and she is still talking about it.

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