Baby boomers have adopted attitudes and lifestyles unlike any previous generation. The 78 million diverse Americans born between 1946 and 1964 enjoy a variety of activities, ranging from aerobics and workouts to quality time with their favorite rock ‘n’ roll albums [source: U.S. Government Accountability Office].

But there’s more to the generation that refused to trust anyone over 30. For starters, aging baby boomers are unlikely to settle for your typical bingo night [source: Cochran et al.]. In

fact, experts predict the group to redefine expectations of retirement and aging [source: Harvard School of Public Health/MetLife Foundation].

As we’ll learn, baby boomers might do things differently to accommodate their needs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t cooperate or act flexible at work and home. Though many individuals care for their own aging parents and children, boomers still find time to partake in their favorite activities.

So which pastimes appeal to the generation of bell bottoms and Beatlemania? What are popular baby boomer activities?

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