Some people have an easier time finding ways to embrace the new desinations they visit than others, so for those of you who are maybe a little bit more shy and apprehensive, here are some tips to help get you started.

  1. Rent an apartment

There are so many great companies nowadays who help connect travelers with the homeowners in places they wish to travel.  Companies such as AirBnb, GoWith Oh, and New York Habitat offer travelers of all types options for the perfect vacaion rental, whether it be for a few days or a few weeks, for the family or a cuple, in the countryside or city center. The Good Life also is a great alternative to traveling in retirement for baby boomers looking to immerse themselves into local culture, offering a rental home for 1 to 3 months at a time in destination locations.  Often times renting an apartment or house offers you more space for your money and all the comforts of home.  It also gives you the chance to experience life “as a local” with trips to shops and markets and interacting with locals becomes part of the course when choosing the vacation rental option.

2.) Ask the Service Staff

If I really want to know where to find the true local flavors, I ask the cleaning staff, waiter or cab driver where they eat, hang out and play.  I have found that not only does it really give me access to true local flair, but it saves me money and often times they are so happy to share that they will offer more information and tips then you expected.