During retirement each day presents a new opportunity to try something new. In fact, each day allows for the freedom of choice and allows the retiree to explore new things as a well-deserved reward for all of the hard work accomplished after years of employment. However, for some retirees it can be quite a challenge to keep things interesting and exciting during those long periods of time every day.

Certainly there are occasional projects and tasks around the house, but when you are talking about filling 20 to 30 years of significant and worthwhile things to do, the task may seem a bit overwhelming.  With the kids grown, no more getting up for work, and the dogs only needing to be walked one to two times per day, many find it challenging to keep life spiced up post-retirement.  Looking for help?

Here is a list of fun and entertaining ideas to keep retirement anything but mundane:

1.    Take a trip to someplace you and your spouse have never been before. The fun is in the planning.  Pour your heart into researching the area thoroughly, create a comprehensive, but flexible, itinerary and have the time of your life.  The new destination should be seen as a place to discover and experience together.  Creating memories is one of the best things you can do during retirement.

2.    Take up a new hobby. Tired of golfing Monday through Friday or water aerobics every Wednesday afternoon?  If you need something new in your life, it may be time to take up a new hobby and expand your interests.  Do something you have never done before but always wanted to try.  While jumping from an airplane may be a little risky for your taste, offer yourself something new by attending an organic gardening class, taking a painting course or learning a new card game.

3.    Learn to make music and impress your family and friends. Who ever said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks, did not consider music.  You are never too old to take guitar or piano lessons.  Wow your friends and family with a personal recital after dinner.  Simply choose an instrument you have always wanted to learn to play and sign up for lessons.  Before you know it you will be making music.

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