Most of us have bucket lists that are chock-full of exciting adventures and destinations. Whether we accomplish any of these things remains to be seen. Still, it never hurts to dream. And so with 2015 upon us, we decided to ask our Facebook fans what was on their bucket lists. Here are just 23 of those items. Maybe they’ll spark some new ideas of your own. Have anything to add? Please do so in comments.

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“Move to a new country. Just spent the last five years in Iceland and have had enough of endless cold weather for 365 days of the year so we are planning on moving to Greece!” said Nadia Ashkenazy-Jones.
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“Here’s what me and the hubby are aiming for in 2015: Since we don’t have kids (and are too old to have them now) we’re going to join the Fulfillment Fund mentoring organization and become mentors!” said Treva Brandon.
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“My husband and I will be visiting Paris and London for the first time,” said Linda Thompson Gebelein.
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“I’m going to jump out of an airplane,” said Don W. Powers.