For many home furnishings customers, it’s a small world after all. 

Small living spaces are catching on across the U.S., fueled by baby boomers downsizing for retirement and an emerging market of environmentally conscious consumers who want to maintain a smaller carbon footprint. From New York’s 200-square-foot micro-apartments to bungalow neighborhoods in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, today’s consumers are looking for ways to live luxuriously in small spaces. Retailers have an opportunity to tap this tiny-living niche by offering products that maximize square footage and offer the storage that small homes often lack.

The key to choosing products for small space dwellers is to focus on versatility and slim design. People who live in tiny spaces are often looking for items that do double duty, such as a bench that combines seating with storage, or a side table that doubles as a magazine rack. The issue of physical size is often a big deal for small homes. A sofa may have to be shorter than 60 inches, or a desk no deeper than 15. Retailers who can recommend items that fit a certain profile will have a leg up on the competition.

Aesthetics are especially important to people who live in small homes, because many of the furniture and accessory pieces in their home are visible when company comes over. Small homes may lack a dedicated office space or spare bedroom, so items have to work well and look good at the same time. Here are some small-space picks that are functional and beautiful.

Multi-Function Marvel

This entryway bench combines seating with storage, making the most of its space for small homes with limited closet space. Holly & Martin MacKenzie Shoe Bench, Minimum Advertised Pricing: $249.99 Wholesale price: Upon request.


Tucked Away Convenience

These nesting tables provide small homes with extra counter space when guests come over, but can slip out of the way for everyday use. Butler Specialty Co. Nesting Tables. Wholesale price: $299.



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