Ways to make the most of a tiny room or apartment from two small-space dwellers.

Here are some tips from Abbey Slitor and Warren Weixler that will help you make the most of your small apartment.

1. Avoid table lamps. Use pendant lights, sconces and other wall-mounted lighting wherever possible. They take up less space. Slitor and Weixler found a standing arc lamp for the living room on Craigslist and a perforated bronze pendant from World Market for the bedroom.

2. Embrace multitasking pieces. The generously sized Kivik ottoman from Ikea opens to provide storage, can be used for extra seating and serves as a coffee table if topped with a tray. Pushed against the matching Kivik modular sofa and chaise, it can be part of a guest bed. In the bedroom, Weixler’s Ikea Hemnes three-drawer white dresser does double duty as a nightstand.

3. Remove interior doors. If a door gets in the way, take it off. That’s what Slitor and Weixler did with the door to the laundry closet in the den so they could fit the extra wardrobes in the room. Make sure you stash the door somewhere safe to reinstall when you move.

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