A simplified, uncluttered life comes with its fair share of benefits: less to clean and organize, less stress, more money, and more energy for things that matter.

But many people get stumped about where to begin. The mere mention of decluttering makes them feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated.

The decluttering journey doesn’t need to be as painful as some make it out to be. In fact, with the right attitude and method, it can become an enjoyable process for nearly everyone.

Give some of these 12 creative ways to declutter your home a try:

1. Give yourself five solid minutes.

Set a timer and see how much you can declutter in five-minute increments. Clear a counter, a shelf, or a drawer. Give it a shot—you might be surprised by how much you can accomplish in such a short amount of time.

2. Give away one item each day.

In doing so, you’d remove 365 things from your home over the course of a year. Take pictures of the items and post them on social media. To make it more challenging, remove two things every day or incrementally increase the number each day.

3. Fill one box/bag.

Grab an empty box and see how quickly you can fill it for Goodwill. You’ll probably be wishing you’d used a bigger box once the whole process is over and your space feels refreshed.


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