Bedroom storage and arrangement is one of the areas that pose the greatest challenges to home owners. This is especially the case where there is finite amount of space and square footage to play around with. After accommodating the must-haves such as a bed and a dresser, most people feel lost for space. The following bedroom storage ideas for small spaces will help you reclaim space in your bedroom without moving your walls!

Bedroom Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Space 24

Under-bed Storage
Beneath your bed, there is some storage space that is often underutilized. This can be a perfect place for storing out of season clothing and extra items that you do not require on a daily basis. Under- bed containers such as canvas boxes can be used to organize the storage of these items.

Bedroom Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Space 7

Maximize on Closet Space
A closet can offer endless home storage ideas especially when its hanging space is well utilized. To generate more closet space, consider adding shelf or drawer units to accommodate extra items. Ensure that you plan your bedroom storage closet well so that the items that you need on a daily basis are positioned at the front and center while the rest are stashed in boxes and put away on an upper shelf.

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