When it comes to the size, shape, and functionality of their residences, most people go through phases. They start small in a college dorm or apartment, move on to a petite house, and then upsize to fit their growing family. Later, as their birds leave the nest, most people settle back into a smaller home that is perfectly sized to serve as the backdrop for their golden years.

As you move through the first part of this continuum, the process seems natural. You acquire more things as the years go by, and the ever-increasing size of your residence compensates appropriately. When you reach the last step, however, making the transition becomes more difficult. If you’ve reached this step or are advising a loved one who is undergoing this process, put these downsizing tips to work to make the transition an easier one.

Start Early

Moving can be an emotional time, especially if you have to part with a lot of items in the process. Don’t make the task even more difficult by adding the stress of having to rush. As soon as you make the decision to downsize, start a list. Record the things that you absolutely must have along with those that you can part with easily. If there are a few items you’re on the fence about, note them in a different list and think about them from time to time. As you make decisions, move them to the appropriate list. If you’re moving with a partner, use this as an opportunity to negotiate, agreeing to get rid of some of things in exchange for your partner doing the same.

When searching for moving companies in Denver, seek ones that have scalable pricing. Some companies feature a relatively high minimum charge. If you’re only moving a small amount of stuff to your newly small house, these movers aren’t your best bet. If you’re putting a lot of items in storage, you might also want to seek movers who offer the flexibility of moving things to two different locations with just one hourly rate and a low gas surcharge.

Focus on Function

In a sprawling home, you have plenty of room for those little extras. In your downsized place, you’ll need everything you put into the space to fulfill a utilitarian function. As you’re wrestling with deciding which pieces to keep and which to discard, make a conscious effort to hang on to those items that actually have a purpose and forego those that do not.

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