As baby boomers approach retirement, they are faced with having to decide whether or not to downsize. Living in a large home and having to care for the yard, maintenance and cleaning can be overwhelming at times. When looking at options, boomers can find a couple of choices to consider. They could move into an apartment or condo or into a retirement village. Both of these options will give boomers the freedom to enjoy life after retirement without having to stress over the maintenance of a home. Before boomers can even begin to move, they have to clear out things or de-clutter. This can be a difficult chore for some. Boomers, for the most part, were close to their children as they grew up and had habits of keeping bins full of paper, art projects, report cards and much more from their children’s school years. They were also known as “pack rats”, keeping every and anything they thought they might need later. Garages were not used to park cars, but used for storage of all these items.

To help prepare for downsizing here are some tips to de-clutter your home.

Tip #1 – Start Small and Slow. Start with a room that is not used often. This could be a second bedroom. By starting small you can get your feet wet and get a system set up on how to declutter, then work your way up to the larger rooms.

Tip #2 – Remove Unneeded Furniture. With each room you do, look at the furniture in that room and decide what you absolutely must have and get rid of the rest. Ask your children if they want it, if not, hold a garage sale when you are all done or donate the furniture to charity.

Tip #3 – Give the Children Their Stuff. If you still have things that belong to your children, give it to them. If they don’t want it, get rid of it.

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What are some of your downsizing tips?