We downsized after I spent six days at my friend’s 500-square-foot apartment in Manhattan. I didn’t go to my friend’s to practice living smaller; it just popped in as a wonderful new choice. We had many discussions about moving, and the living small just turned talks into action.

I returned to Los Angeles feeling invigorated to move forward. Our home of 15 years sold in 14 days. We put our furniture in storage and lived in a furnished Airbnb home in the area we thought would make us happy. Turned out to be true.

We bought a home (that process is another story) and are happy living smaller in a community that allows us to hike, walk the beach and be in the city for a longer list of accessible fun. Change is a good thing. Change is not perfect.

Tips for you:

1. Check in with yourself about what really matters at this stage of your life—wellness, creativity, living closer to family, spirituality, intellectual stimulation, fun, new community living, reduced financial pressures, etc.

2. Are you wanting to reduce money fears more than you are afraid you won’t make new friends?

3. Are you ready for a change that will give you a healthier lifestyle more than the work it takes to grieve, sort, donate, save, and clean before the goodbye party?

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