In the past 2 years there has been a jump in the stock prices of companies offering affordable housing for the growing generation of retiring Baby Boomers.

In contrast to the general perception of boomers as cash-rich gadabouts, the reality for file0002013272232many is different. So, while going about experiencing different activities and social events is in the plan once retired, for many it will not be the reality without downsizing.

But without a suitable and suitably priced dwelling for them to trade down into, many are unable to access that wealth.

AARP says that for the next 18 years baby boomers will be retiring at a rate of 8,000 per day.

That’s a lot of American homeowners who are reaching retirement age and are starting thinking about their next phase in life. Part of that next phase may include unloading their large family homes in favor of spending their ‘empty nest’ years enjoying their new found freedom.

While downsizing may be the best option it may be for reasons other than those you would think. Downsizing in an effort to minimize the maintenance required for a large home.  Downsizing enables boomers to spend time living the retirement lifestyle.

Most boomers are not looking for another career but looking to continue working. Entrepreneurship is a great option. Haven’t file551240579148we all dreampt of working for ourselves?

Haven’t we all thought of doing the things we did not have time for when we were strapped to a “9-5”?  Well, being an entrepreneur gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere on your schedule and create cash flow to sustain your newly designed retirement lifestyle.

So, why wouldn’t you want to downsize? Downsizing gives you more time to spend  living the lifestyle you dreampt about, and entrepreneurship gives you the ability to take part in those things you have yet to accomplish by providing the cash flow. And why act now? Because no one knows for certain what the future may hold, and only a proper plan can give you the assurance that, whatever tomorrow brings, you’ll be prepared.

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