shutterstock_283523795Downsizing can help make life more manageable in retirement, but it can also be quite the chore, requiring a lot of research, planning and preparation. We’ve taken a look at eight simple things you can do to help navigate this complicated process and downsize in retirement without the stress.

1. Take inventory

How can you know what you need to get rid of if you don’t even truly know what you own? Be as specific as you need to when taking inventory. You’ll probably be surprised to find out how long your list of possessions has become, which in and off itself might make it easier to jettison some things.

2. Designate a starting point

The hardest part is getting started, and when you do so it’s important to not have a scattershot approach. Make a list with a designated starting point and focus your attention on one area. A focussed, dedicated approach is crucial in terms of getting started and building up momentum.

3. Trash, sell and give away

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to stuff you don’t need. This could be quite profitable if there’s anything you own that you can sell, and if you can’t bear to throw that old sundress in the trash consider giving it to one of your girlfriends or even your granddaughter as a gift.

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