By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

If you’re a baby boomer you might be wondering if you should stay in your existing house even if the kids have grown and have homes of their own, or whether you should downsize or “right size” to a home that better suits your current lifestyle as an empty nester, pre-retired or retired.

You look around and you see unused spaces and rooms that used be filled with kids and all of their stuff, but now they’ve grown, your neighbors are suddenly looking much younger than you do and maybe your friends have moved as well.

Your left wondering… should I “right size” to home that better suits my lifestyle at this stage of my life?

How do I know how to find the right size home?

Many of you know that I used to live in a very large home, then downsized to a tiny apartment in Philadelphia, and most recently right-sized to a perfect size home in historic New Castle Delaware. As I was right sizing, I created this checklist that will help you discern what “right size” home means to you.


The “Right Size” Home Checklist

1. Assess your existing home

What features do you like and what works for your current lifestyle?

For Example:

    • Open floor plan
    • Eat-in kitchen
    • Closet space

What features don’t you like and don’t work for your current lifestyle?

For Example:

    • Second-floor master bedroom suite.
    • The amount of unused space.
    • It’s too big and too costly to maintain.

What features do you wish to have in your new right-sized home?

For Example:

    • First-floor master suite
    • Walk-in shower
    • Dedicated home office


2. Assess what matters most to you


For Example:

    • Proximity to family
    • Smaller, more efficient use of space
    • Walkable community

Willing to live without:

For Example:

    • Big kitchen
    • Formal dining room
    • Big yard


3. Assess current and desired future lifestyle

What are you currently doing day today that you will continue to do?

For Example:

    • Work from home
    • Travel
    • Entertain

What do you want to do when you move to the “right size” house and location?

For Example:

    • Get together with new neighbors and friends.
    • Have more time to relax and just enjoy your home.
    • Not be consumed with Yard Work and home and fix-ups.


4. Assess your current location versus the ideal location

Current location:

For Example:

    • Need to get in the car to go anywhere.
    • Too far from kids and grandkids.
    • Not close enough to walk to restaurants and shops.

Ideal location:

For Example:

    • Ability to walk everywhere.
    • Close enough to kids and grandkids for visits.
    • Access to public transportation, shops, restaurants, and healthcare.


5. Assess budget for potential future needs and expenses

Access budget for your current home

For Example:

    • It’s getting too costly to maintain.
    • The energy bills are skyrocketing.
    • You have upcoming roof repairs.

Assess the desired budget for right size home:

For Example:

    • Affordable
    • Energy-efficient
    • Low maintenance


6. Assess your projected wants and needs for the next 10 to 15 years

For Example:

    • Freedom to travel.
    • Time with family and friends.
    • Able to age in place in your new right size home.


When you are considering rightsizing to a home that better suits your current lifestyle, download your free checklist to help discern what “right size” means to you.

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