Take the 6-Week Declutter Challenge

Where to Start When Downsizing?

Where to start? That is the number one challenge when it comes to downsizing, decluttering, and minimalizing your lifestyle.

That’s what this challenge is all about. Empowering you to make intentional choices that can open up new possibilities in your life.

For only $30 you will get my tested system delivered directly to your inbox for 6 weeks. Each week, you’ll gain insights into the trap of clutter and how to break free. To help you apply what you’ve learned, you’ll also receive your weekly challenge – a downloadable resource with your task of the week.

Here is how the weeks break down:

  • Week 1: What exactly is clutter? Discover WHY you want to declutter.
  • Week 2: How clutter and owning too much stuff impacts the quality of our lives.
  • Week 3: Why is it so difficult to let go of our physical and mental clutter?
  • Week 4: What holds you back from having a simpler life with less stuff and less clutter?
  • Week 5: Your 10-Step plan to win the battle with clutter.
  • Week 6: Top tools, tips, and methods that will help future-proof your home from clutter.