Have you thought of what to give as a gift this year for Father’s Day or are you struggling with a gift idea?

Instead of buying those typical things like clothing, wardrobe accessories, outdoor equipment or tech gadgets, try gifting something unique and different…something that has more substance, has more meaning and that he’ll really benefit from.

Purchase my Father’s Day Gift Bundle Instead!

You can purchase my limited time gift bundle until Father’s Day for my special price of just $50.

Here’s what’s included:

  • My 6 Week Decluttering Challenge: Win the Duel Over Clutter, Get Your Life Back! ($30 value)

An easy to follow step-by-step tool to tackle the clutter chaos that’s been lurking and stop it from spreading any further especially now with everyone being at home so much more.

  • A download of my #1 Amazon bestselling book, Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom. ($15 value)

An easy read where I share my personal downsizing journey and lessons on how to downsize and let go of your physical and emotional clutter. You’ll learn how abundant life can be when you own less and how too much “stuff” detracts from inner peace and true happiness.

  • A 30-minute Virtual Design or Decluttering Consult with Me. (Priceless!)

An opportunity to have a preliminary chat to further explore additional support for “taming the clutter” or perhaps to help generate ideas for the ultimate man cave or a highly productive and efficient home office.

You’ll get all 3 items for my special limited time price offer of just $50!

Once you purchase my Father’s Day Gift Bundle, we’ll provide access to my 6-Week Decluttering challenge, a download of my book and a link to schedule your call.

Save yourself…

On time, energy and effort from trying to hunt down a good gift to give.

Save yourself…

The mental exhaustion of trying to figure what to even get this year.

Save yourself…

From spending money on something that’s just another “thing” that you’re not even sure they’re going to like.


Just keep it simple, keep it easy and purchase my Father’s Day Gift Bundle.

This Perfectly Unique and Different Gift will help that special father to…

  • Have a tool to begin tackling the clutter chaos that may be growing in his new or existing home office, garage, or elsewhere in the house.
  • Have a go to guide with my book on how to live more abundantly with less “stuff.”
  • Have a conversation to begin exploring his other “wish list” ideas to “tame the clutter” or a refresh of a space so that it works more efficiently and looks great.

And, the best thing is…it’s all delivered virtually!

What would be better…another “thing” as a gift that just takes up more space or something unique like this that could provide substance, meaning and real benefit?

This limited time gift will only be available until Father’s Day so don’t miss your chance to get this special $50 offer!