Tell Us About Your Downsizing Journey

I really want to know.  Others really want and need to know.  We can all learn from each other. 

You might have already completed your downsizing journey, while others might just be starting theirs.

  • Your story could be what someone else needs to hear right now.
  • Your story could inspire someone to begin their own downsizing journey.
  • Your story could be the one that encourages someone to keep on going.

Make a difference for others today by sharing your story above.  Use your story and your voice to inspire, encourage, and empower someone else to live with less so they can live more.

Use these questions to help craft your own powerful personal story of downsizing, the experience, and the impact downsizing and living with less has made on your life.

  1. What was your most difficult challenge?  Why?
  2. What other challenges did you face along the way?
  3. How did you overcome them?
  4. Why did you downsize (i.e. empty nest, divorce, other)?
  5. What did you do with all of your “stuff” (i.e. sell, donate, trash, keep, other)?
  6. How did you deal with the emotions of letting go of things that once mattered to you?
  7. Did you have a team assist you (family, friends, other)?
  8. What are 3 tips, tools or strategies that worked for you?  Explain.
  9. How has downsizing and living with less impacted the quality of your life?
  10. What did you learn about yourself during this journey?
  11. Anything else you would like to add?
  12. What would you say to a friend who is thinking about downsizing?

Your story matters.  Thank you for contributing to the lives of others.