Rita’s Minimalist Essentials


  • 60-page all-in-one decluttering companion and planner
  • 5-step roadmap for a clutter-free life
  • 30-day minimalist challenge
  • Checklists for every item you own
  • Accountability tracker for staying on track
  • A curated list of 100 donation spots
  • Unique, effective decluttering methods by Rita
  • Embrace minimalism and reclaim your organized life with ease!

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Jumpstart your decluttering journey with our printable 60-page all-in-one decluttering companion and planner. Packed with a 5-step roadmap, 30-day challenge, checklists, accountability tracker, and more, it’s your essential tool from start to finish.

🌟 Tired of the chaos but struggling to start and stay on track? Rita’s Decluttering Companion is your solution!

🏡 Say goodbye to clutter-induced stress as you embark on a streamlined journey. Rita’s Companion conquers the biggest hurdles in minimalism – getting started and staying focused.

📝 But that’s not all! Our workbook includes detailed checklists for every item you own, so you can effortlessly decide what stays and what goes. No more decision fatigue!

🤝 The icing on the cake? We’ve curated a list of 100 incredible places where you can donate your items, spreading kindness while decluttering – a win-win for you and the community.

🌟 Rita’s Minimalist Essentials stands out with unique, effective decluttering methods honed by Rita herself. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to an intentional, organized life that aligns with your millennial lifestyle.


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