Rita’s Visual Decluttering Workbook: 15-Minute Burst Method


Rev up your decluttering game with the Burst Method! This dynamic approach helps you sort through items efficiently. If you have limited time each day or week but want to see progress, this method is your solution!

Dont forget! For a few bucks more you can get this workbook plus all of Rita’s Workbooks combined in her All In One Decluttering Workbook. 54 more pages for only a total of $9.99!


Embark on a clutter-busting odyssey with Rita’s latest Decluttering Workbook, a treasure trove of essential checklists meticulously tailored for every room in your home. Dive into invigorating 30-day challenges that turn tidying into a joyful adventure. Unleash the power of Rita’s acclaimed 15-minute burst method, revolutionizing the way you reclaim space and serenity in every corner of your life. Get ready to transform your living spaces into havens of harmony, one checklist and burst of inspiration at a time.


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