Join Rita in Historic Philadelphia for 

Her Signature 

2-Day Design the Life You Love Workshop 2.0

Rita S. Wilkins, “The Downsizing Designer”

How to go from

life full of possessions 

to a life filled with meaning. 

IF YOU CAN learn how to Downsize Your Life so you can Upgrade Your Lifestyle AND IF YOU CAN understand why living with less will allow you to experience a more meaningful fulfilling life… THEN YOU CAN have more time, money, and freedom to pursue what matters most to you.

Work less. Play More. Spend more time with your family.

With less clutter, less overwhelm, and less stress you will enjoy a simpler, more meaningful life.

Just so you know… seating is extremely limited for this exclusive 2-Day opportunity to learn how to design the life you love.  

So you might be wondering why…

  • You are still working 40-50 hour weeks at a job you no longer love and you have way too many deadlines, while many of your friends seem to have figured it out: how to work less and have more time for fun.
  • You are frustrated for having to spend so much valuable time decluttering, organizing, and cleaning all of your “stuff” when you would rather be taking a bike ride with your family.
  • You never seem to have enough money to go on that vacation you are always dreaming about.
  • You can’t remember the last time you and your husband went on a romantic getaway.
  • You know you should lose 20 pounds and get to the gym more often, but you never seem to prioritize time for your own health and fitness.

In just 2 days, you will learn how to downsize areas of your life so you can upgrade the quality of your life… so you, too, can have more time, money, and freedom to pursue what matters most to you.

My workshop will help you:

  • Discover ways to “trim the excess fat” from your life so your life will be filled with less meaningless stuff and filled with more meaningful experiences.  
  • Challenge you to disrupt your “status-quo” thinking so you will see your own life through a completely new lens of what’s possible.
  • Discover barriers and self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from having the life you really want.
  • Set boundaries that say “no” to clutter, busyness, and endless to-do’s lists so that you can take back your life.
  • Develop new tools that will get you “unstuck” so you can move forward with creating the life you love.
  • Let go of regrets, disappointments, and failures from the past so you can move on.
  • Experience a new, bolder, more confident you who is more willing to embrace change, take risks, and continue to seek new opportunities.
  • Create a clear detailed blueprint for a life you love, one that aligns with what matters most to you.

Why did I create the Design the Life You Love Workshop 2.0?

Several years ago I took a trip to visit my son in Senegal, West Africa, while he was serving in the Peace Corps.  I never would have imagined that a trip to a third world country would inspire me to give away 95% of what I once owned because on the surface, it seemed like I “had it all”… the big beautiful house, the impressive office space, and a highly successful design business.  What no one knew was that I was trapped in the crazy cycle of thinking that I needed all of that to be happy.

But it was that trip to a little village 8,000 miles form here that made me question whether these symbols of success really mattered to me at all.  I kept asking myself, “How could people who have nothing be so happy?”  I’ll never forget how different everything looked to me when I returned home.  It was as if I was seeing my own world through a completely new lens… including the 11 closets and 9 rolling racks filled with clothes!

For the first time, I realized that none of this “stuff” mattered to me anymore.  I realized I didn’t want or need all of that “stuff” to define who I was, and more importantly, who I wanted to be as I entered this next phase of my life.  That was the beginning of my journey to downsize my life, choosing to live with less so I could live more.  

During My Downsizing Journey

  • I, too, was stressed, overwhelmed, and had no idea where to begin downsizing. 
  • I, too, felt “stuck“, not knowing if this was the “perfect time” to consider right sizing or downsizing to a simpler more manageable lifestyle.
  • I, too, was anxious and uncertain about what the next chapter of my life would look like.

In my “2-Day Design the Life You Love Workshop 2.0“, you, too, can learn how to downsize your life so you can upgrade the quality of your lifestyle.

If you are ready to be inspired to design the life you love I invite you to REGISTER NOW and join me in historic Philadelphia for my Signature 2-Day Design the Life You Love Workshop 2.0.

Date: Friday, November 9th AND Saturday, November 10th

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Historic Philadelphia

Price: $ 2,497   $1,997 Special Price through November 5th

Discover what matters most to you.  Live the life you love… by design!