Where Can I Learn How To Declutter My Home? 

Are you tired of clutter taking over your home? Do you wish you could get started decluttering, but feel as though the challenge of decluttering your home is too much to overcome? Don’t worry – they help you need to overcome any decluttering challenge is available now! 

How To Become A Minimalist With Decluttering Tips 

Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins – your Downsizing Designer, ready to help you reach your minimalist design goals through helpful decluttering tips. I, too, once struggled with decluttering. After getting rid of 95% of what I once owned, though, I discovered I had much more money, time, and freedom to live my life the way I wanted to. Now, I can help you accomplish the same. 

How To Get Started Decluttering: Minimalist Decluttering Tips With Rita 

One person’s decluttering journey will differ from another’s – which is why I offer a wide range of decluttering minimalist tips and tricks for those looking for guidance along the way. A good place to start looking for decluttering advice would be on my YouTube channel, where you can find decluttering tips and different methods that may help you – such as the 6 Week Decluttering Challenge, the Room by Room decluttering method, and more.  

In-Depth Decluttering Guide: Minimalist Essentials 

If you’re ready to dive in deeper with an all-in-one cluttering companion and planner, then I recommend Minimalist Essentials! Minimalist Essentials, now available as both a digital download at the Design Services online store and as a paperback copy on Amazon, comes complete with decluttering checklists, minimalist decluttering challenges, progress trackers, and more! This workbook will help you jumpstart your decluttering journey – so get your copy soon! 

Rita Wilkins Offers Lifestyle Design And Interior Design Services  

Do you want to learn more about downsizing and decluttering? Call Design Services LTD at 302-475-5663 to discuss your design needs. You can also connect with me by following me on Facebook and LinkedIn. Would you like complimentary advice from the downsizing designer? You can schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me today. My book Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money, and Freedom is now available in paperback, audio, and on Kindle! Get your copy soon.