More Isn’t Always Better! Live A Decluttered Life With Minimalist Essentials 

American culture often supposes that more is better. However, more things and a bigger home may be what’s holding you back from living your best life. However, more isn’t always best – even when it comes to interior design. Are you ready to learn how to live a more minimalist lifestyle? Are you ready to stop living with too much stuff, not enough space? 

How To Let Go Of Items: Lean Design And Decluttering Methods 

Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins, your Downsizing Designer. I’m here to help you achieve your minimalist lifestyle and design goals. Minimalist design – sometimes known as Lean design – is a design approach that emphasizes simplicity. I, too, learned to live a simpler life with less after decluttering and downsizing. Now, I hope to help you achieve the same. 

How To Let Go Of Items: Finding The Right Decluttering Method 

The secret to success when it comes to decluttering is to find the method or methods that work best for you. For example, perhaps you can achieve your Lean design goals through the Room by Room decluttering method. I explain more about Lean design and this decluttering method in my video, “Declutter & Embrace Lean Design: Simplify Your Life Room by Room.” I also encourage you to browse my YouTube channel for other decluttering tips and tricks. 

Minimalist Essentials – An All-In-One Decluttering Companion And Planner 

For a more comprehensive approach to learning about decluttering and the minimalist lifestyle, I encourage you to try my Minimalist Essentials workbook. This workbook includes 60 pages of helpful practices and tips, such as easy decluttering checklists, progress trackers, fun 30-day challenges, and more. 

Visit the Design Services online store to find a digital download of Minimalist Essentials as well as other decluttering tools such as decluttering checklists, online decluttering courses, and more. If you prefer physical media, a paperback Minimalist Essentials workbook can be found on Amazon. 

Rita Wilkins Offers Lifestyle Design And Interior Design Services  

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