How To Declutter And Stay Clutter-Free 

Whether you’re looking to get started decluttering or are looking for tips on how to remain clutter-free, it’s important to remember you don’t have to go through your decluttering journey alone. If you’re struggling with decluttering and long for a more minimalist style in your home, you’re in the right place to find the help you need. 

Minimalist Tips From The Downsizing Designer 

Hi, everyone, it’s Rita again. As you know, after downsizing and decluttering my own life, I became known as the Downsizing Designer. It’s my goal to help you achieve your minimalist goals through minimalist tips about how to declutter and downsize. There are many stages in life where one might want to declutter – or else avoid taking on more clutter in an effort to maintain a more minimalistic style. I’m here to help you get started decluttering and stay clutter-free. 

Minimalism And Decluttering: How To Honor A Loved One’s Memory When They’re Gone 

As your downsizing designer, I hear many questions related to downsizing and decluttering. One of the questions I often hear is this: 

What should I do with a loved one’s belongings after they’ve passed away? 

Losing a loved one is a profound and devastating experience. The process of grieving can be made more difficult if you’re tasked with sorting through the belongings of the person you lost. However, this can also be an opportunity for reflection and healing. It can allow you to preserve their memory and the things that mean something to you. You can also honor your loved one’s memory without becoming overwhelmed by clutter in your own home. 

Want to learn tips on how to decide what to do with your loved one’s belongings after death? Please watch my video “Honor Your Loved One’s Memory and Belongings After They’re Gone” to learn more. 

If you’re interested in learning more about minimalism and decluttering, be sure to visit the Design Services online store. I offer minimalist tips and tricks in the form of decluttering checklists, online decluttering courses, and much more. 

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