Are You Ready To Get Started Decluttering? 

You don’t have to live with unwanted and unnecessary clutter. You can start your decluttering journey today. Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins. I’m also known as the Downsizing Designer. After getting rid of 90% of what I once owned, I live with more time, money, and freedom to do as I please. I can help you learn to live abundantly with less, too. 

This Decluttering Course Helps You Get Started Decluttering 

Perhaps you’ve wanted to declutter your home for some time, but you feel stuck. How can you get started decluttering? The truth is that what works for one person may not work for another when it comes to decluttering your home. What’s important is finding the right method that suits your preferences. 

The 8 Proven Methods to Start Decluttering Course can help you find the decluttering method that works best for you. Each method comes with a decluttering checklist that makes it easy to start your decluttering journey! 

Is There An Easier Decluttering Guide? 

If the 8 Proven Methods to Start Decluttering Course seems a little overwhelming, won’t worry. I also offer simple decluttering checklists as well as decluttering workbooks. Try one of the following to start your decluttering journey. 

Rita Wilkins Offers Lifestyle Design And Interior Design Services  

Do you want to learn more about downsizing and decluttering? Call Design Services LTD at 302-475-5663 to discuss your design needs. You can also connect with me by following me on Facebook and LinkedIn. Would you like complimentary advice from the downsizing designer? You can schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me today.