Change Your Life By Downsizing And Decluttering 

Baby boomers, are you ready for a change in your life? Do you find yourself bogged down by too much stuff? Is the clutter of your home weighing on your mind? You can make a real change in your life starting today by downsizing and decluttering. My name is Rita Wilkins and I’m known as the Downsizing Designer. I’m eager to help you live a life with more money, more time, and more freedom through downsizing and decluttering. 

How Do I Know What The Right Decluttering Method Is For Me? 

One of the things that tend to hold back baby boomers who are interested in downsizing and decluttering is the fact that they aren’t sure how to start. How should you start the decluttering process? What method is the right method? Is there only one method to decluttering, or do you have options? 

Find Your Decluttering Method Today 

The truth is, there are several approaches you could take to decluttering your home. As the Downsizing Designer, I’m eager to help baby boomers begin their downsizing journey. With my help, you can learn how to 

  • Begin Your Downsizing Journey – Take the first steps to having more money, more time, and more freedom. 
  • Find The Right Decluttering Method – Find the method for decluttering that suits your needs 
  • Get Rid Of Stressful Clutter – Stop allowing clutter in your home to cause you stress. 

Learn More About Decluttering Methods Today 

Don’t wait – sign up for the 8 Decluttering Methods online course, available soon! 

Rita Wilkins Offers Lifestyle Design And Interior Design Services  

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