By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

I’m sure we’ve all made decisions that we’ve regretted. When you look back and say I wish I had…

  • done it a little differently…
  • made a different decision…
  • thought it through a little more before I made my decision…

We’ve all made those decisions that we regret later on.

In my design world, I have often heard clients say:

  • “If only I had hired you when I did my kitchen!”
  • “I had no idea how much a designer could add to my project with their knowledge, experience, and resources.”
  • “I thought I could do it myself and save some money, but if I had it to do all over again, I wish I had hired an interior designer.”

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The purpose of this blog is to help you understand what an interior designer could possibly help you with on your next design project…

  • So that you can make an informed decision and feel comfortable with it… to hire a designer or not.
  • So that you don’t have regrets when your project has been completed.


How an Experienced Interior Designer Add Value To Designing Your Home


1.    They know the process

An experienced designer has been through the process of doing your type of project many times.

  • They can help lead you through the process step-by-step, so you’re not overwhelmed or intimidated.
  • They get to know you, what you want and don’t want, and your “wish list”.
  • They know how to communicate with contractors and trades people to successfully implement your design on time and on budget.


2.    They have the knowledge, experience, & resources that you may or may not have.

  • They know how to work with you to create a vision and plans for your project.
  • They help you expand upon your ideas, offer design options and new solutions to give you the best results.
  • They have endless resources for products you may not even know about.
  • They have vetted their contractors, tradespeople, and workrooms so the end result is quality work done by skilled craftsmen who are committed to doing it right.


3.    They are familiar with working within different budget ranges

  • They know how to realistically budget for every project and will help you do budget estimates that will work for you.
  • They know how and where to save money on your project.
  • They will make firm recommendations when they think you should spend more or less in selected areas.

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4.    They can assist you with selecting, coordinating, and specifying all the materials for your entire project.

  • They can help you avoid costly mistakes by coordinating, overseeing your project with you and for you.
  • They coordinate ordering materials, preventing costly delays for your project.
  • They save you time and energy in the selection process by offering choices, preventing you from wasting so much of your time obsessing over selections


5.    They care as much about the outcome as you do!

A good designer is someone…

  • who has gotten to know her client’s wants, needs, and “wish list”.
  • who has spent many hours with you to get the perfect design and specifications for you.
  • who is committed to having you get the space you have been dreaming of.


A good designer truly cares about the end results because there is no greater satisfaction and fulfillment than and knowing they helped you accomplish the exact result you wanted by using their God-given talents.

Wondering whether to hire an interior designer or not for your next project?

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