By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

As with any remodeling project, if you want it to be successful, the time and effort you put into it upfront can make all the difference.

If you want to maximize the space you have, it’s important to first focus on the design of what’s possible for your bathroom.

  • Either within the existing walls or…
  • Possibly expanding the bath footprint into adjoining areas to increase the size of your bathroom.

Too often my clients feel restricted, not realizing that with some creative space planning, it might be possible to:

While also…

  • Incorporating items on their “wish list” … things they didn’t think possible.

At least it should be considered.

That’s why I strongly recommend retaining the services of a professional, interior designer or a certified bath professional to assist you with exploring options for what’s possible so that you can maximize your bath design, adding maximum value to your home investment.


5 Steps to Maximize Your Bathroom Design


1. Determine wants, needs, and “wish list”

  • Who uses the bath, when do they use it, how do they wish to use it?
  • Is it a couple who is in the bathroom at the same time each morning sharing one vanity?
  • Does one like to take a shower while the other likes to take long baths?

2. Document the existing footprint on a dimensioned blueprint

  • Measure and document existing footprint. Include plumbing locations that can be reused, to save money on the renovation.
  • Measure adjoining spaces that could possibly be used to expand the bath footprint.

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3. Explore what’s possible

  • Look beyond the existing bath walls and footprint.
  • Look for unused or poorly used adjoining spaces.


  • never used dressing area/make up table
  • poorly used guest closet
  • poorly used hall linen closet


4. Experiment with 3 or 4 space plans that incorporate one or more of the adjoining spaces

  • If you bump into an unused guest closet, will you now have enough room for that large walk-in shower that you’ve been dreaming about?
  • If you bump into a never-used dressing area/makeup area, will you now have enough space to have his/her vanities and his/her storage that will prevent morning battles?


5. Select one or two designs that best suit your wants, needs, and “wish list”


Here’s a recent blog that might help you Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends to Avoid.


I’m sharing these 5 design steps that I’ve used for the past 35 years because I know they work.

While each space I work on is unique to the home, and while each client’s wants, needs, and “wish list” is unique, it is well worth the time up front to explore various layouts to see what’s possible and what’s feasible so that you can incorporate items from that “wish list”.

No matter what, remodeling a bathroom is an investment.

Why not try to max out your bathroom design as much as possible?

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