By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

As an interior designer and lifestyle designer for well over 35 years, I’ve seen many changes in our industry. I am always intrigued by the growing trends and changes that are almost always dictated by our ever-changing lifestyles. Because I get to work directly with my clients, I have the opportunity to listen directly to their wants, needs, and wish lists, reflecting how their lifestyles are constantly changing.

One of the most intriguing trends to me right now is the high demand and exponential growth of the multifunctional furniture industry.

What Is Multifunctional Furniture?

1.    It is a furniture that has more than one purpose and It transforms right before your eyes.

For example:

  • A cocktail table that rises to dining height, standard to desk height, and then to standing desk height.
  • A Murphy bed that folds back into the wall when not in use. Underneath the bed is a fold-out work table/desk/storage.

2.   It is a furniture that adapts to smaller spaces, yet fulfills multiple purposes

For example:

  • Dining room table that stacks into a wall as a credenza, but expands out to seat 6 to 8 people and then falls back into a credenza when not in use.

Image Credit: Overstock


What Is Driving the Demand for Multifunctional Furniture?

Changing lifestyles

  • Migration to cities and apartments (urban living).
  • Downsizing to smaller homes/smaller spaces.
  • Movement to minimalism/living with less.
  • Demand for space-saving solutions when decluttering.

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Types of Multifunctional Furniture

  1. Cocktail tables that become armchairs and side tables.
  2. Desks that transform from cocktail tables to dining tables.
  3. Chairs that converts from seating to bed to storage.
  4. Wall bed that adapts from bed to working desk to storage.
  5. Ottomans that transform into storage, table, and seating.

It’s not just furniture that is multifunctional. The adjustable lighting category is also expanding. Lighting can be pulled to where you need it when you need it.

The multifunctional furniture industry is evolving. As we work more from home, live in smaller spaces, our needs are dictating that furniture manufacturers design and produce furniture that meets our ever-changing lifestyles.

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