By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

Clients have been expressing how anxious they are to do something with their bathrooms since they have been sheltering in place for the past year. They are seeing and experiencing their homes with a new set of eyes. Things that may have bothered them before are now at the forefront, suddenly bothering them more than they ever had before. They are ready to do something about it… to make the changes they put off because:

  • They did not have enough time in their busy schedule.
  • They did not take time to “see it” before.
  • They promised they would get to it “someday”.

The fact is, home remodeling has soared by 42% because of the pandemic. While you might be tempted to just “do it” (meaning a big renovation), I would like to caution you to slow down just a little so you aren’t tempted by the newest, hottest, and latest design trends.

At least first, consider if the current design trends are “right” for you. Below, find my list of the top 10 design trends to avoid… or to at least think twice about before you remodel.

Design is a fashion industry that introduces new and innovative things every day.

Yes, that’s exciting, but as a designer, I’ve learned to be discriminating and ask,

is it right for you in the long term?”


After all, a bathroom renovation is expensive. It can easily cost $ 15,000 to $ 40,000 and up. $ 15,000 is the low range and $ 40,000 and above is the higher range. Before you are tempted to look at the newest design trends… ask yourself, “is it right for you?”


10 Top Design Trends to Avoid… or at Least to Think Twice About


1.    Oversized Tubs

While making a beautiful style statement, oversized tubs take up a lot of space or real-estate.

Ask yourself…

  • How often do you take baths?
  • Is it worth the amount of real estate that it will take up in your bathroom or would you prefer to use this space for a large walk-in shower?
  • How else can you use some of the footprints that would be utilized by an oversized tub?


2. Floating Sinks

As beautiful as floating sinks might be to look at, consider how difficult they are to clean and maintain.

Ask yourself…

  • Am I willing to spend the extra time required to clean in and around the floating sinks?
  • How practical is it for my current lifestyle?


3. Double Sinks

While double sinks have become a standard in the industry and on paper they sound good because it is a great use of space, but…

Ask yourself…

  • How often are you both in the bathroom at the same time?
  • How necessary is it to have two sinks or could one sink better serve your lifestyle?
  • Would you rather have extra counter space by using only one sink versus two?
  • Would you rather have “his” and “her” separate vanities as an alternative?

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4. Mosaic Tiles

While a beautiful design statement, when you use mosaic tiles, there is a considerable amount of cleaning due to an increased quantity of grout.

Ask yourself…

  • Is “the look” timeless enough or are you drawn to it because it is the current trend?
  • Are you prepared to clean all of that grout regularly?
  • Have you considered large oversized tiles that looked great and will have less grout?


5. Wall Mounted Vanities

This design trend looks great. It’s clean-looking and streamlined, but…

Ask yourself…

  • Does it provide enough storage for your daily needs?
  • Where will you plan on storing toilet paper and cleaning supplies?


6. Integrating the Bedroom and Bathroom

This is a look that you might have recently seen in high-end hotels and magazines. Somewhat controversial, it blurs the lines between bedroom and bathroom, making it one seamless area.

Ask yourself…

  • Is this design right for your lifestyle now and will you continue to appreciate it long term?
  • If you or your partner are messy, do you really want to see toothbrushes and make-up from your bed every morning or nighttime?


7. Super Expensive Bath Fixtures

Because design is a fashion industry, designers are always coming up with new innovative designs that are sometimes very expensive.

Ask yourself…

  • Will this expensive fixture (i.e. toilets that play music and light up) at the cost of $ 7,000 to 10,000 thousand?
  • Will this fit in your overall remodeling budget?


8. Glass Countertops

While glass countertops pretty and contemporary looking, they are relatively impractical for daily use.

Ask yourself…

  • How much time do you want to spend cleaning glass countertops?
  • Are you willing to deal with scratches to those surfaces?


9. All Black Fixtures

This design trend is now back after many years, and while beautiful, it’s another one of those high maintenance selections.

Ask yourself…

  • How willing are you to spend time maintaining black fixtures?
  • Is your partner willing to assist you with keeping it clean?


10. The All White Bathroom

This is one of the hottest design trends today.

Ask yourself…

  • Will you grow tired of not having some color in your bathroom?
  • Are you willing to spend the time that it will take to maintain an all-white bathroom?


Design Trends That Are Expected to Last


1.   Biophilic Design (letting the “outside-in”)

Biophilic designs allow us to blur the lines between the inside and the outside, connecting us with nature. It provides a sense of openness and freedom.


  • Large windows allow us to experience nature from the inside.
  • Skylights that led in natural light and provide a sense of dimension.

2.   The Use of Natural Materials

Materials such as stone, clay, and metal also connect us with nature.

3. Eco-Friendly Sustainable Materials

The trend of reclaimed woods, recycled materials, water-saving devices, plants, and green walls is likely to be with us for long term because it connects us with nature. It is also socially responsible and providing a sense of health, wellness, and positive energy.

Bottom line:

Before you start your next bathroom renovation, consider whether the current design trends are right for you… or not.

While you might be tempted to try the next “big thing”, ask yourself if you are being influenced because it is one of the newest design trends or if it is something that you should at least think twice about… or perhaps even avoid.


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