The quarantine and extended periods of time at home has forced us to see our own homes through a new set of eyes. It has unmasked flaws in our current home designs and layouts. It has exposed what works and doesn’t work given the radical shift in the way we must now live, work and communicate in the new COVID environment.

Our needs have drastically shifted while sheltering at home, placing additional demands on our homes: work, school, family life, exercise, respite. In many cases, we have found that the interior layouts no longer “work” as well as they once did when we weren’t in our home 24/7.

COVID has caused us to pivot in so many ways and one of them is how we will want and need homes to function now and in the future.

When COVID first hit, we were immediately challenged to “make it work.”  We had no choice.

  • Our kitchen tables became the new place to home school our kids.
  • Our dining room table became our new home office, our place to work.
  • Our guest bedroom became the other home office and maybe doubles as the home workout area.

None of these solutions were perfect, nor were they intended to be long-term.

  • The lack of dedicated space for certain activities like work and school make it difficult to focus.
  • The increased amount of noise and clutter makes it difficult to concentrate and be productive.
  • The need for privacy, a place to escape from it all has become more and more evident.

While these temporary fixes may have worked short term, now that many people will continue working remotely long term, these evolving needs of existing home owners and new home buyers have captured the attention of home remodelers and home builders alike.

5 Emerging Home Design Trends

  1. Closed Floor Plan

As popular as the open floor plan has been for the past 35 years, the noise, lack of privacy and sheer amount of visible clutter is causing buyers and builders to rethink the desirability of large open plans with kitchen, dining and family as one open area.

  1. Dedicated Home Offices

And not just for the adults, but for young adults and kids too. What was once considered non-essential, has become a major priority. It can, of course, serve multiple functions, but COVID has exacerbated the need to have dedicated space to work and teleconference without having to set it up for a new activity at the end of the day.

  1. Rooms With A Purpose

Zoned living areas with clearly defines goals: entertaining, workout, play or game room ready. This kind of layout provides structure – or a place to go for certain activities. It provides variety, choices, room to move about. A change of “scenery” inspires creativity and productivity.

  1. Outdoor Rooms

Once considered a luxury, outdoor rooms have become a new necessity because of the many health and wellness benefits. We cannot underestimate the value of connecting with nature throughout the day in a safe and protected quarantined environment.

  1. Smart Tech Home

No longer an afterthought, smart technology is now considered essential, now that it is much more affordable.  Everything from temperature, lighting and music control to air filtration systems and touchless faucets, these items are becoming a necessary part of our homes.

Tell me what you think – I really want to know. How has sheltering in place changed the way you live and work?  Comment below, connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn, schedule a 30 minute complimentary call to discuss!